Little Devils

written and illustrated by Robert J. Blake

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  • Chosen for Dolly Parton's Imagination Library program

Since the pups are still so small, Mum does all the hunting. But one night, Mum doesn't come home and the pups are getting hungry . . . and worried. They need food, but more importantly, they need Mum. Big Stanley is the first to leave the den. Then Burnie. And finally Winnie. Together they set out with one goal in mind: find Mum.

While living in Australia for two years, I asked my readers what marsupial they would like me to make a book about. Tasmanian Devils won! So I went down to Tasmania (several times) and moved into a fishing shack on the rugged coast of Marrawah- and watched, wrote, and drew about the amazing Tasmanian Devils I saw in the wild!

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