Do Tasmanian Devils Spin?

Tasmanian devils, Tasmanian devils, Tasmanian devils-
I certainly get a lot of questions about Tasmanian devils! It seems my readers like them as much as I do.....

Here is the web address of an article in National Wildlife Magazine that mentions my visit to King's Run in Tasmania, where I studied and met real Tasmanian Devils:


Miriam asks: What zoo did you go to in order to see real Tasmanian Devils?

I did not go to the zoo to see them – I went to Tasmania (part of Australia) to draw them in the wild!

Bill asks: Why do Tasmanian Devils run around in circles all the time?

Actually, Bill, when I was researching the book LITTLE DEVILS in the wild areas of Tasmania, I saw lots of Tasmanian Devils. But I never saw any Tasmanian Devils running around in circles. They do run and travel far when looking for food in the wild, though.

The only place I have ever seen them run in circles over and over is in zoos. Maybe when they are in a caged area, they still need to run and so they run around the cage. Or maybe they get stressed.