I like to sketch people- there's a zillion of them and every one is different. I also find that most people do not mind being sketched.
 Oh, my dog Matilda is upset because I did a cat book. Don't worry, Mattie, I am doing another dog story right now! (Sheeesh!)
 This is how Mattie feels after she eats our other dog's dinner, too.
 I saw this guy at the airport. I really did. Well, all right, I made up the bugs.
 I went to Wyoming to travel on the Oregon Trail for a book called Mississippi Mud and made tons of sketches. We rode with a real Conestoga wagon. But I traveled mainly on horseback – it is too bumpy in a Conestoga wagon! You have to draw in a very sketchy fashion when trying to make a quick sketch while sitting on horseback.
 Here's a page of character sketches from my sketchbook. The man that I turned into a mean guy in the book was actually a really nice person.
 I was in New York City one day, taking a break sittting on a park bench and drawing some pigeons. They pecked at everything. I wonder if pigeons will eat old chewing gum? Ugh!
 I wonder if they ever get stuck in the gum? What if they tried to eat a cigarette butt – foul!
 Making a book is a lot of fun. I guess the only bad parts are the deadlines. Here's how a cowboy feels about deadlines.
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