I like it when someone sends me a picture. Here's a great one by Risa NIIKURA all the way from Japan! Thank you for sending me this beautiful picture.  
 Here's a drawing by sent to me by Mark. Pretty good, don't you think?
 I really like your drawing, Logan. Thanks!
 Here's two readers who like the book AKIAK. Thanks for the picture!
 This reader just got braces. I had braces, too.....
 I don't know why, but I really like this one.
 Here's a PERFECT SPOT illustration by Alice.
 I know what he means about boring speakers......
 My favorite part of this drawing is the top of one of the buildings- can you see the four other birds up there?  
 These are two great TOGO drawings. The first one features Togo vs. Godzilla. And Godzilla is my favorite monster! The second one is just plain good!  
 My second favorite monster is Frankenstein. Here's a drawing of him given to me by Rachel. Do you have a favorite monster?
 Here's a fine drawing of some characters from my books. I like to see YOUR drawings of my characters.
 Here is beautiful painting of my story THE PERFECT SPOT done by Kaela.
 Here is a very nice painting of PAINTER AND UGLY by Jamie.
  Kelly says that she loves all my stories, especially the dog stories.    Thank you for the nice drawing of Painter and Ugly!
  Here is a beautiful drawing of the dog Ugly, from the book PAINTER AND UGLY. And, "Do I like?" I sure do, Sara! Ugly really isn't ugly, is he?
  This drawing of Painter, from my book PAINTER AND UGLY, was given to me by a great student artist in the Washington Township school system. But they forgot to sign it! If this is your picture, please let me know your first name so I can post it here. Thanks! Pretty nice picture, don't you agree?
 I am glad that you like that part of my book PAINTER AND UGLY. I tried hard to make it excitng. Thanks!
  Here is a beautiful piece of art made by Olivia:
  Here is a nice drawing of Painter and Ugly by Grace. I like the colorful musher.
   This artist likes my book LITTLE DEVILS and has drawn a Tasmanian Devil of his own. Thanks!
  Here is a very nice drawing by Ann, of me painting outside. I painted outside when I made LITTLE DEVILS.
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